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At We-Fix-U, We:
1. Resolve your symptoms so you will feel better, faster
2. Discover the root of the problem to prevent it (and new ones) from returning
3. Make your treatment, fun, friendly, effective and professionals

Make an appointment to see a Registered Physiotherapist, Chiropodist, Massage Therapist or Chiropractor. We treat a variety of conditions but also focuses on shoulder pain treatment related to injuries, rotator cuff tears, stiff shoulders, and neck. Our therapists are also experienced in treating conditions of the feet and lower body.

Common conditions and treatments:

Shoulder Pain and Injury Treatment
Chiropody (Foot Health)
Massage Therapy
Sports Injury Treatment
Chiropractic Services
Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment
Vertigo and Dizziness
Arthritis Pain Relief
Heel Pain
Custom Foot Orthotics

The safety of our patients and staff is our Top Priority. We take extra precautions to ensure a safe and clean environment for your care. We are also an award-winning centre, offer direct billing, and no doctor referrals are needed! Early and late appointments are also accepted.

—-You could reach us at—-
Address: 196 King St. E, Bowmanville, ON L1C 1P1
Phone: 905-233-4374


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