Top rated healing massage sciatica, back, neck, hamstring pain

Hello Angels 🙂

Are you looking for a TOP Rated Massage practitioner in the GTA?

Feeling aches and sharp pain in your body?
Stiffness in your neck?
Lower Back pain and tightening knots in your glutes and hamstrings?

I am a certified Thai massage and yoga practitioner.
My mission is to heal your pain in your body so you can renew and build up to your optimal health.
My unique massage practise infuses traditional thai and swedish massage to give you a deep and hitting all targeted pain points in your body.

Think massage, physio, chiro ALL in ONE treatment session!

I will even discover the pain points you did not know were there.
I work head to toe to ensure on each session and focus on the pain point areas to ensure your body has been receiving a thorough massage.
We can help heal your body with feeling the difference within minutes of starting the massage. the next morning your body will feel renewed revived allowing you to feel relax comfortable and happier.
We use thai massage to target your pain points and release the stagnant energy and facia to recirculate the blood and loosen tighten muscles.
Certified Thai Massage Practitioner. 200 YRT Yoga Instructor.

Massage modalities: thai , swedish, sports, lomi lomi


Many now are suffering from stiffness from lack of movement, I customized a yoga program tailored to target your pain points on floor style postures to lengthen, strengthen stretch your muscles and restore. Lets rejuvenate your body and get you feeling revived. Dont settle for a body that feels older then your age!!

Lets do this !!
Stay Bless Stay Safe Stay Woke
647 509 -3569

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