Wood therapy + Massage sculpt slim tone body treatments

Hello Beauties!

Are you looking for a non invasive way to reshape and loose celluite deposits, stimulate your weight loss, feel lighter and more energetic?

Are you looking to work with a practitioner who will provide a holistic treatment where you will get results physically and emotionally?
your outer appearance effects your inner self and vice versa. We understand you!

We invite you to begin treatment sessions with Colombian wood therapy treatment holistic technique able to contour the body, reduce stress, and relieve muscular pains and joint.

This Wood Slimming Therapy is the most pleasant and effective way of losing your cellulite and contour your body without any harm to your skin tissues.
We use specially designed wooden tools, where each of them is adapted to specific areas in your body to eliminate fat cells. They come in different sizes and shapes to help you gain the best result you have never seen before.
Many therapist experts recommend Maderotherapy as the best treatment to fight cellulite and lose weight. ‍♀️

Why Choose Brazilian Lympathic Massage:
Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage massages can:

Speed up surgery recovery and optimize outcomes
Improve blood circulation
Boost the immune system
Boost metabolism
Improve the elasticity of skin
Improve digestion and weight loss
Reduce the appearance of cellulite
Help with hormonal imbalance (menopause, PMS and pregnancy)
Help with constipation
Help with bloating, puffiness, and water retention

Contact today to book your treatment today to get the results and health you desire to have to look feel and be your best self.


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