45 mins Indian Head Massage with 45 mins Foot Reflexology

www.tow2heelreflexology.com **Free parking** Payment Cash/Credit/Debit** & First-time Special offer deal! Indian Head Massage also called champissage is a treatment that focus on massaging acupressure points along the head, neck and shoulders using various massage techniques such as circular strokes to improve the hair and scalp condition; improve blood circulation and reduce tension and stress especially in the neck and shoulders area. Hot oil is applied to help increase the body temperature in the neck, shoulders and head to cause muscles to relax to improve blood flow and enhance the relaxation response. Foot reflexology is an non-invasive healing technique where pressure is applies to reflexive points which correspond to systems. organs or glands within the body. Reflexology helps to improve the functions of organs, systems and glands through reflexive stimulation; releasing tension within the body or feet; increasing circulation in the feet and legs and helping the body to maintain its optimal health

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