Affordable Reiki Massage

I am a licence Reiki therapist and Shamanic student with a love for being of service to others. Reiki is a form of Chi, or Energy medicine originating from Japan. During a session I incorporate a light touch massage on the head and the feet, this will stimulate those meridian points by opening up those channels of flow from head to toe. It is rather the Reiki and Shamanic work that does the healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The Shamanic aspect is also a form of additional protection, creating a safe and high vibrational container in this space. This session will imbue you with life force energy, hence helping your body’s natural ability to heal on its own. The light touch will help deepen the relaxation and grounding. Some may fall asleep or sometimes feel a sense of leaving the body, tingling sensations or warmth may also occur, it all depends on each individual. When the body is in total relaxation, that’s when the best healing work gets done.

Take time to heal from pain, illness, anxiety, stress, emotional imbalance etc.
First session will cost $70 if you pay with cash!
Small local business in Hintonburg Ottawa, near Lemieux island.
Feel free to ask any questions. Website has additional information.

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