Best massage and beauty place in Sunny Joy Spa on Kanata

Best Massage and Beauty place at Kanata On Sunny Joy Spa Tel:613.366.1777 Add:12-591 March Rd, Kanata,ON K2K 2M5

Sunny Joy Spa is located in the center of Technology District Ottawa, ON. We combine health care,beauty care,pedicure and massage into one treatment, including: 1.Deep Chinese Massage: relieving the discomfort and pain of your shoulder,neck,back and waist caused by sitting for a long time; nourishing your brain(Brain to2dm); relieving muscle tension.

2.Western-style Oil Relaxation Therapy: accelerating blood circulation; increasing cell oxygen supply; enhancing cell vitality so that the body and mind feel relaxed.

3.Foot Reflexology Massage: through traditional Chinese Medicine foot soak, the blood circulation in the body is enhanced and then some traditional Chinese Medicine is added so that the ingredients can be better absorbed under heating. This massage which can warm and tonify your kidneys can dispel diseases , take care of your skin, regulate the viscera and dredge the meridians in pursuit of physical fitness.

4.Chinese Style back Walking is an effective deep health care massage. Doctors with self neutrality use one foot or two feet to do a certain degree of tramping on the body parts to exert stable pressure to achieve the goal of relieving and treating hack pain.

5.Hot Stone Massage: The hot stones are from the nature of the volcanic eruption.(left at the foot of the vocano or the sea side of the volcanic basalt). The little hot stones have the energy of the earth. Through deep heat conduction,the heat is continuously input into the body. With the condition of reflex point,muscle tissues and joints can be adjusted and then relax in time.

6.At the same time,we also have cuppwdcddecdcseaāaing,scraping and acupuncture to help to relieve the pain and solve the problem of blockage of meridians.

7.Our beauty care will help to solve the problem of your facial skin rehydration,acne and wrinkles. Our spa now offers various professional beauty care,including: basic facial nourishing care,deep cleaning acne care and all kinds of facial skin treatments.

Sunny Joy Spa is new decoration and elegant layout of our spa gives you a quiet,warm and comfortable enjoyment. There are quiet single rooms,warm and romatic double rooms and a large pedicure room for five people.

All utensils,towels and sheets are cleaned and disinfected each time to ensure that every customer can use them safely. Variou invoices are suitable for all insurance companies.

Best Massage and Beauty place at Kanata On Sunny Joy Spa Tel:613.366.1777 Add:12-591 March Rd, Kanata,ON K2K 2M5 Email: 88 visits

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