Brainspotting Therapy for Pandemic Trauma

I am Alex Lillie, a Brainspotting Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist, and I have worked in the natural health industry for 24 years as a therapist and designer. My primary focus is working with adults, relieving and healing trauma from the mind and body.

Traumatic and disturbing experiences take us away from our true-selves through behaviour patterns that attempt to numb the pain. During the pandemic most people have experienced fear, anxiety and consistent damage from the lockdowns, restrictions and for some illness and loss. For many, habits were formed such as drinking, isolation, worrying, distracting and these have all taken their toll. I have successfully treated these symptoms of pandemic trauma within a few sessions, with clients being able to return to a sense of self and healthier habits.

BRAINSPOTTING is a powerful and effective therapy which is proven to immediately address issues that talk therapy can take years to heal. Brainspotting is a treatment that works by identifying, processing and releasing sources of emotional and physical pain, trauma and many other challenging symptoms. Brainspotting works on the direction in which people look, tapping into the brain’s autonomic and limbic systems, located inside the central nervous system, making this a physiological treatment that provides psychological, emotional, and physical benefits.

TREATMENT PLAN This is an option for people who want measurable results and to know there is an end to their treatment. Together we create a treatment plan that is a container for all your triggers, traumas, dreams and goals. We track your progress so we know when you have graduated from your treatment plan.

Please reach out for more information or to book a free consultation. My website link is below and online booking is available for video appointments.

Receipts available for Naturopathic health care benefits.

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