Guranteed Quality Mobile Massage and Stretch Therapy

My name is Joshua and I am a certified fitness coach offering real quality stretch and massage theraphy services.

* Stretch theraphy is basically using stretches to Stretch out tight muscles, to help relive tight and sore muscles, fastened recovery from exercise/intense physical activities and improve breathing. My stretch therapy also includes breathing exercises and effective foam rolling exercises, all from the comfort of your home.

So are you Feeling sore, tired, tight muscles, unable breathing poperly due to build up stress and anxiety? Let me help you relax and get rid of all that build up stress and soreness and anxiety.

Note: I am a legitimate fitness and physical theraphy service provider eith over 7 years of experience and do not offer any extra services; my equipment are always thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each and every use and I treat all my clients with respect. I do offer both stretch therapy and massage theraphy but you can also choose to have both in one session. Also, the duration of each session is 1 hour.

Please feel free contact me for more information!!


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