We are proud to offer you a signature facial that combines both hydrafacial and ultrasonic technology.
The ultrasonic facial is a medically proven treatment that cleanses, repairs, tightens, and stimulates the skin.
It uses high-intensity frequency ultrasound (HIFU) waves to loosen and remove dead skin cells, and restore the natural electrical charge to cells.

The ultrasonic technology helps to:

Stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage

Plump the skin, filling out fine lines and wrinkles

Zap bacteria and decongest pores

Exfoliate dead skin cell

Loosen and remove oil, dirt, and sebum

Encourage collagen and elastin production through gentle stimulation

We will apply a repairing mask and continue with the following steps :

Hydra Dermabrasion: It is a deep cleansing treatment which helps to remove grease, blackheads, mild acne, dirt and also helps in increasing skin elasticity.

Vibrating Skin Scrub: Ideal for removing dead skin and deep impurities.

Hydro-Oxygen Hydration: Assists in increasing skin vitality by using a high pressure hydro-oxygen spray.

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