Reiki therapy / coaching

Hi, I’m Dan, a Reiki therapist / practitioner offering in-home sessions to anyone suffering from emotional or spiritual blockages in their lives. If you’ve done Reiki before, you understand that your body both emits and stores limitless energy; we simply need to identify where in the body it resides, and work on getting your prana or life force back to its optimal state. We do this by using the practitioner’s energy to affect the subject, and we can also use a mix of kinetic therapeutic methods including massage if desired.

Please reach out to request a session at your home or place of business today. I’m also available for any questions you might have before getting started.

Session rates:

Introductory session: Complimentary for the right candidates (contact for more info)
30 min: $40
60 min: $80

Blessings to all.

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