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Contour beauty lounge is offering non-invasive, 100% safe body contouring services in Rockland, On!
These treatments include;
-Cavitation (for inch and fat loss, treatment breaks down fat cells and the body releases them through its lymphatic system by going to the bathroom or by sweating)
-RF (for skin tightening and production of the body’s natural proteins such as collagen and elastin which you will continue to see improvement for up to 6 months when done on the face to help with fine lines and loose skin)
-Laser lipolysis (target stubborn fat cells that are below the muscle)
-Vacuum therapy (Improves the appearance of dimples and cellulite, gives you more volume in the buttock area and helps with hip dips)
These treatments require 0 downtime and are not painful! Why not give it a try??
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