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✨Holistic head massage has been around for 4,000 years. It is part of the ancient ayurvedic healing system, and a traditional part of Indian culture. The head massage includes working what are called marma points on the scalp, face, neck and shoulders in order to open up energy channels, balance chakras, and help relieve tension and stress. Marma points are similar to acupuncture or acupressure points, and are thought to have connections to different chakras, organs and systems in the body. ✨The ancient art of foot reflexology applies to areas of the foot that correspond to the energy of specific organs and body parts to promote healing and release energy blockages. Foot reflexology can boost the immune system, increase circulation, cleanse toxins from the body and balance energy. promotes Relaxation,
* Improvement of Your Nerve Functions.
* Improvement In Your Brain Power.
* Increased Blood Circulation In Your Body.
* Eliminating Your Body’s Toxins.
* Boosting Your Metabolism & Energy Level.
* Reducing Your Headaches.
* Relieving discomfort from Menstruation & Pregnancy.✨ Full body relaxation massage with organic essential oils ✨200 ytt certified. Yoga offers physical & mental health benefits for people of all ages. And, if you’re going through an illness, recovering from surgery or living with a chronic condition, yoga can become an integral part of your treatment & healing

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