Experience the Four Hands Massage service because two is never enough. This is a really great and heavenly massage service if you want to eliminate your muscular tension. It combines four professional hands of the therapist to rub, massage, and pamper your body at the same time. The four hands of our professional therapists can melt away any fatigue and their beautiful fingers will apply our essential massage oil which is rich of the herbs such as lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, sweet orange, jasmine, sandalwood, and many more that could make you feel as if you were born again after the session.
Some wooden tools might be used for different purposes, HOT TOWEL, WARM OIL , SCALP, FACE, SHOULDERS and NECK included in 1hour Body massage.
Some benefits of our massages:
●Detoxing body by taking out of lymph drainage.
●Reshapes Body with the helps of wooden tools.
●Helps Blood flow by using wooden tools in certain pressure and motions.
●Losing Weight or Contouring Body.
●Relief Muscle Tension.
●Relaxation benefits.
●Anti-ageing benefits from facial massage.
●Less Headaches From Scalp Massages.

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