Massage Therapist in Lakeview (Registered)

Joey Proznik, RMT Massage Therapist with 17+ Years Experience in Saskatoon. Specialized in Myofascial Release, Shiatsu (pressure point), and Deep Tissue/Relaxation Swedish Massage, Free Peppermint Muscle/Headache Relief Oil Application, Free Essential Oil Diffusion, Free Hydrocollator Clay Pack(s), Hot Stone Massage, Cupping Therapy, Heated Massage Table, Purified Water, 4-Stage True-HEPA ionic-cluster air filter and Homecare suggestions. Monthly Referral Rewards Program, Online Booking and Direct Billing Insurance Available. Debit/Credit/Cash/Cheque/VISA/Mastercard/E-Transfer/American Express/Apple Pay/Google Pay. 30min/$50, 45min/$65, 60min/$75, 75min/$95, 90min/$120, 120min/$150. Hot Stone Massage 90min/$140, 120min/$170 Gift Certificates Available
Website: (Online Booking Available)

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