Men’s H/C’s WillowGrove…4 Hands Avai 2:30-6 Today

Hello there. I have over 30yrs experience in the beauty industry as a Professional Licensed Cosmetologist.
I specialize in men’s styles, eyebrow trim, scalp massage, shoulder massage 1/2 hr, relaxation massage.
Massage & h/c combo available.
Heated table always on
30 minutes-75 minute sessions
Other services offered are:
* Lymphatic Massage
* Aromatherapy session, tailored for specific ailments
* Reiki
* Acupressure
* Parrafin Wax hand and feet treatment for arthritis.

Monday to Sunday
11am to 5pm
Sat-Sun 4 hands 12-5pm

Call or text to book.
Shauna 3063613777.
Located in WillowGrove

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