$55 Relaxing Full Body Massage – $30 LADIES SPECIAL

Relax! Indulge! Enjoy!
At Solace we invite you to be still and take a moment for YOU.
Treat yourself to a standard Full Body Relaxing massage in a tranquil, warm and comfortable environment.

Out of gift ideas? Treat someone special!

We offer isolated options to best serve your specific treatment requests. All at affordable prices

Head & Shoulders (tension release treatment) $30/30min
Back & shoulders $40/40min
Lower Back special $30/30min
Lower back & Abdominal special
(Great for relief of menstrual cramps) $30/30min
Legs & Feet $35/30min
Foot special (with spa soak) $25/25min
Hand special $25/25min
(This treatment works in relieving pain and tension in the hands and forearms. This is especially helpful for computer related stresses) Hands & feet with spa soak $30/30min

Our relaxing massage treatments consist of light strokes which promote circulation and bring nutrients to the muscles, helping them relax. Our treatments work in easing stress and tension, and relieving pain.

This is a residential based service. We practice a high standard of hygiene and provide a safe and private space to enjoy your treatment. (we kindly ask that clients extend the same courtesy with hygiene)

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