$60/hour full body massage ‍♂️ highly recommended

Hi everyoneI’m very appreciate that for all of your attentions and patiences:) I’m sorry I was busy most of time , That’s why I missed some calls from somebody, sorry about that. In that case, I’m here to explain some details for your guys.My name is Jackie, I’m a female. I provide professional service Including: Abhyanga massage/relaxation massage/deep tissue/Hotstones/cupping/singing bowl/Eyelashes extension/facial/waxing…my attitude is I don’t want to waste anybody’s time and money, so if you want to relax your body and your spiritual, welcome to Jackie:) I promise you will be better after my treatment. Thanks again for your patience, good luck everyone:) I apologize for my “Chinglish”,hope your guys understand. Again if I didn’t answer the phone, please send me a text message, I will respond ASAP. Thank you very much again:)
sincerely Jackie

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