Booty Bliss: Elevate Your Figure with Fitness/Massage Therapy

Tired of going back to the gym all motivated and coming up short of results?

Getting excessively sore or hurt after you drummed up the motivation to improve your figure??

Let a knowledgeable, skilled, RMT and Fitness professional organize your routine into the right phases, get you PROFOUND changes, and provide relaxing massage treatments

What You Get:

– 12 1-hour sessions in a private workout facility
– 3 Therapeutic Massage Treatments
– Free 90 min, in-depth Assessment
– Free set of Booty Bands
– Free Adjustable Ankle Weights

All for only $1,199.00 + hst

You see it all the time. People want to workout but just don’t know what to do and end up with injuries.

Arrange your intensity, various exercises and eating habits in a way that can get you visible changes in as little as 2 WEEKS, like Alex! (Pic 1)

Down Sides (Depending on your mindset):

– You’ll need new pants (unless you love leggings)
– You’ll have to keep frequent track of your progress in the first few weeks
– You’ll have to put in the work and be consistent from week to week
– You’ll have to gradually increase your caloric intake each week, as growing tone and booty size means increasing overall weight


– Gain a tremendous amount of confidence
– Naturally grow the booty
– Improve your flexibility
– Strengthen your back
– Look fantastic in your clothing (Especially in the Summer!)
– Learn what it takes to build a booty the right way, and gain workout knowledge
– Decrease workout soreness more effectively
– Periodic deep tissue release

Elevate your fitness experience and redefine recovery with massage-enhanced training session packages !

– Say goodbye to excessive workout soreness and muscle fatigue
– Target the glutes, ‘hip dips’ and other trouble areas and improve muscle engagement

Finally feel confident from week to week knowing EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO for your level of experience and ability !!

Contact Andrae @ 416-553-3231 or and get started TODAY!

Only 3 spots available

Available only on a first come, first serve basis

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