FEMAILES ONLY Mobile relaxation massage FEMALES ONLY

Not licensed Male providing FEMALES ONLY mobile relaxation massage.
1 hour $50
90 minutes $75
Proper Sanitation before and after massage
This is not a rmt massge but very relaxing
Taking appointments now for the week of dec 14th
taking time to relax is something that can always be helpful for your muscles. Massage Therapy can be a very beneficial form of relaxation and it often starts as soon as the person lays down on the table and breathes in deeply. Having a massage strictly for relaxation doesn’t mean it has to be light pressure; it can be as deep as you would like and just like any other treatment, the therapist will be sure to ask if you require more or less pressure. For some people deeper strokes work best to soothe sore and tense muscles, while for others, a relaxing massage means light strokes which promote circulation and bring nutrients to the muscles to help them relax.
Please contact for available times .

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