Home Indian Head Massage for Females Only

Enjoy or buy gift certificates for home Indian Head Massage. We practice in the lineage of Mr. Narenda Mehta.

Treatment lasts 30 minutes and improves hair growth and circulation. It boosts immune system and is relaxing and stress reducing.

30 minutes $40 ( Please note that we do not provide insurance coverage on a 30 minute treatment. It is provided on an hour treatment which costs $90. Insurance is not provided on gift card treatments)

*For Toronto only
*Travelling costs may apply

*24 hr cancellation fee policy

* Please note We will not provide Insurance Coverage for Home Visits due to people attempting Insurance Fraud, the huge drain on our practitioners and staff members.

* We are a Buddhist Medical Treatment and we do not tolerate Buddhaphobic or abuse of our Buddhist workers at any time. We have no responsiblity for your Insurance Plan and what it covers or doesn’t cover and we will not have our workers harassed or abused. Due to COVID 19 everyone must wear a mask.

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