male massage

Swedish relaxational male massage by a fit 30s gay male
the massage is a swedish relaxational massage on a massage table
the rates are $60 per hour or $90 for an hour and a half
Mark 416-659-9315

My massage studio is very Zen… minimalistic, clean lines, elements from mother earth and colored with earth tones. I believe creating a place of sanctuary is just as important as amazing massage techniques. I frequently cleanse the energy in the room with sage and the smell of lavender and sometimes frankincense. One of my favorite compliments from clients as they walk into my massage space is “awww I feel better already.” Creating the illusion of the body work experience begins journey toward wellness, much like a good overture to a musical followed by the curtain drop and the reveal of the set design.

After the atmospher is created I start the massage session by inviting the body and mind to be open to the body work experience. I introduce my touch with a series of long flowing strokes from head to toe with the client face down on the massage table. Then I go right for the problematic area and work it for a while… give it a rest then work it again. I believe the psychology of the massage experience is just as importance as the actual physical technique. One’s body has a natural tendancy to be whole and well. Good body work opens the client to the body’s natural desire to be whole.

I frequently include energy work in my sessions. It’s common for me to pause and hold a constant posture on a specific area of the body for a few moments taking the energetic flow to a deeper and more trance like level. This process is very intuitive to me. I don’t really think about it… or conciously try to make it happen.

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