All Females can contact without any hesitation.
Hi I’m Male massage therapist. Almost 4 years of experience. Known as best massager in town.
MOBILE SERVICE ONLY! Will Open Clinic Services Soon.
Book Now: 647-562-3242 (Right away Service available aa well)
If wants book room then the price will be $150 with 1 hour and 30min massage.
If You think it’s not worth don’t pay anything. (First massage then payment).
Full body massage, deep tissue, head massage, head to toes etc.
1) Home Service will $70 for 1 hour.
2) Own Place Service $100 for 1 hour 45min.
3) Hotel Room it will be $150 with 1 hour and 30min.
Prices are starting from $30 for half hour.
Using 3 types of oil. For head massage use always different oil.
Chance to get further Discount if interesting.
Never Get any Complaint So Far.
“Your problem/massage is my priority” (stay positive

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