Mobile Massage Therapy services

Hi there!
Are you experiencing some neck, back, shoulder pain? I’m here to help. My names Brittany and I’m a graduate from the Humber Massage Therapy program. I’m looking to get back into practicing and helping people relax or improve your range of motion.
My rate is $60 per hour and I have a massage table so I am able to provide a massage in the comfort of your home!
I accept only Cash as a form of payment.
First 15minutes of the massage will require a quick assessment to rule out factors to make sure the issue of complaint is properly dealt with. The 15min assessment will not be included in the 1hr charge. So the time of the massage session will be 1hr 15mins.
I will also be travelling only within Toronto. Please be respectful as well for the professional service being provided, any inappropriate intentions will NOT be tolerated!
Please send a text to my cell 437-557-9794 about the massage service and provide me with your name and where you are located.

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