No BS Massage is here! LOMI LOMI Massage!

We have special prices in March 2020

YES RELIEVE your Stress and Pain effectively with intentional massage in order to reset.

Lomi lomi Massage helps you relax, restore and rejuvenate.
Lomi lomi Massage and acupressure will also help to relieve pain.

10am to 8pm
weston train station area
free parking
What to expect? You will get a real deep restorative experience in your body and thus your mind with 15 years of time -tested skills and self-healing and body scans to find the cause of imbalance.

We have a unique professional services for mens’ health and prostate health external therapeutic only to obtain long-lasting results. We discuss your situation first to determine what solutions you need.

Do not write to me to ask me to entertain you or on how it is done……… but tell me first if you have prostate issues. If you do i can certainly help you alleviate the urinary symptoms of night frequency, urgency, dribble and volume among others.