Not just a fleeting moment Massage! TRY LOMI LOMI Massage!

If you want results that last not just a fleeting wavy moment in massage..We would love to chat with you!

“I found that this massage improves as i go. and as I learn…. It’s been a year at least that i am Joanna’s client and the results get better and better. Last time it lasted 6 months! Now after a couple of sessions my pain is gone!! And am a truck driver 11 hrs a day 5 days a week and i have a back ache! This is so much more therapeutic than the regular massages i had in chinese usa.”

Restorative massage to connect to your body for all genders.
We are body-mind-spirit-emotions-sexual. The body is very intelligent and can self-heal but still needs to be invigorated with life force and prevent diseases. Effective massage helps all parts of you….Your body’s intelligence is much more capable than you can think it out. Living beyond the mind is more joyful. Experience the joy of life by connecting with your body!

We will adapt to your needs with a professional and effective massage……and to restore you from pain and stress. Our signature, unique and effective modality honed for over a decade is based on your body’s intelligence to self-healing . WWW. INTELLIGENTBODYMASSAGE.COM

We also offer you very much in demand********** men’s health professional services *********which can enhance your life for many years to come including sexual and or prostate health. THESE ARE THERAPEUTIC MASSAGES ONLY to enhance the quality of life.

This is not a:
Regular or just skin/muscle related massage
Technical massage or RMT
A painful sports massage
Superficial fleeting 1 hour short term massage
Nor a mere fleeting Entertainment

If you seek more value and results and RESTORATION from your stress and pain relief, we can help you. CALL 4166544325 and or peruse www. We have expanded our services to the clientele who are depressed and anxious too due to your great results. In addition the while colar workers in technical or leading positions who are very strong intellectually will benefit from learning to cope with life with a more wholistic approach rather then just mental. See for yourself.

A holistic and incremental soothing process to help connect with your body and be more alive and free with your pain and stress relief.

Experience transformative changes within a stress free environment and an increased awareness. You will see changes particularly when you get engaged with a beautiful and embracing self-healing experiential , mind expansive process and or pain-relieving Acupressure.
The techniques are also unique and, long conducive to an increased health with a stronger circulation and chi. Expect to learn a new relaxation response to be ingrained in your real life.
I prefer phone calls please. I will only use the sms here to understand your needs and explain very briefly our solutions. Please do not ask me inappropriate questions!***********
10 am to 8pm during week… weekends by appt.
Please look at map ..on Lawrence west and Weston rd
near high way 400/401 and weston train station
with free PARKING.

I did not know that i can feel so well, a combination of calm and energized, After 1 year of anxiety which spirralled down from an event , i was looking for hope frankly and i found it.

I am a young professionals in my 40’s and my last bad relationship did me in. I was not feeling confident and happy and needed a boost of out this predicament which increased my increased weight and general demeanor at work too. My previous experiences were with RMT and my good feelings did not go further than 2 hours after this experience was such a delight to feel good in my own body and mind for very long periods.