Nuad Boran and TBM Medical Thai Yoga Massage Canada

We offer Traditional Buddhist Medicine in the Lineage of the Old Medicine School and in the continuation of the trainings on Mindfulness Practice for the benefit of Body and Mind taught by many Zen Masters including Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh . Our Mindfulness Teacher is an ordained Canadian Zen Minister with 40+ years of teaching Zen and Mindful Bodywork for Mindfulness and Therapeutic Rehabilitation having worked over 30+ years in the field of Occupational Health and Wellness for Workplace Illnesses and Recovery . Having established the tradition of Buddhist Medicine in Canada , our Teacher is the Director of the Canadian Buddhist Medical Association, a Nobel Nominee and a member of an organization which received the Nobel Award in 2017. We provide Nuad Boran ( Called Thai Yoga Massage in the West ) which is Sen Reflexology and we provide Reflexology and Mindful Meditation Therapy for Injured Workers and those suffering from Stress and Anxiety . We are located at the Canadian Buddhist Medicine Association .

Nuad Boran – $90 + HST

Reflexology – $90 + HST

Mindfulness and Total Relaxation Class $ 25 per hour ( includes total relaxation and guided meditation if requested ) or Breathing and Mindful Movement class for Recovery and Rehabilitation from Stress and Injury

Indian Head Massage for Stress

Tea Ceremony

Fascial Relaxation Therapy for Athletes and Re-Integration and Wellness

Harrison Physical Rehabilitation Technique for Mobility and Wellness

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