Sculpting Facial Massage + Beautifying Hypnosis

✨ Unlock Your Ultimate Transformation: Facial Sculpting Massage & Beautifying Hypnosis Combo! ✨

Embark on a journey to holistic beauty and inner radiance with our exclusive fusion of Facial Sculpting Massage and Beautifying Hypnosis. Elevate your self-care experience and unveil a more confident, revitalized you!

Experience the Power of Dual Transformation

✨ Facial Sculpting Massage: Elevate your facial beauty with skilled therapist Kimberly, as they use expert techniques to sculpt, tone, and rejuvenate your skin. Witness the magic of lifted contours and a radiant complexion.

Beautifying Hypnosis: Immerse yourself in the transformative power of hypnotic relaxation. Certified hypnotherapist guides you toward inner beauty, boosting self-esteem and confidence. Unwind and let the positive affirmations enhance your natural allure.

Key Benefits of the Combo:

1️⃣ Harmonize Mind & Body: Achieve balance and synergy as the massage revitalizes your physical beauty, while hypnosis works on enhancing your inner radiance and activation of your cellular wisdom.

2️⃣ Stress Relief & Confidence Boost: Release facial tension with the massage and let hypnotic suggestions instill a sense of confidence and tranquillity, leaving you positively radiant.

3️⃣ Personalized Transformation: Kimberly has been a professional Certified Hypnotist & Medical Aesthetician since 2012. She expertly tailors the experience to your unique needs, ensuring a customized journey to beauty from the inside out.

Exclusive Limited-Time Offer: Book now and receive the rate of $150/45 minute session (regular $285). Experience the benefits of your combined Facial Sculpting Massage and Beautifying Hypnosis session!

Our Oasis of Beauty Awaits You

Kimberly invites you to indulge in this exclusive experience where beauty meets the mind. Uncover the full potential of your beauty, both inside and out.

Call Now to Reserve Your Transformative Experience!

Mount Pleasant & Eglinton Ave. East
Accepting female patients only.

Transform your beauty, transform your life – because you deserve to shine from within! ✨

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