Suffering from shoulder or lower back pain?

95% of pain is in the lower back. No treatment, results in progressive decline or wasting away of your tissues, compounded by malnutrition, age, genetics, or lack of physical activity.
Pain pills like NSAIDs are a very short fix, and do 2x things for pain relief:
1.suppress pain by reducing inflammation
2. block the nociseptor pain sensors
– L/T side effects, causes kidney damage
Heat, stretching don’t reach deeper ligaments and muscles.
Swedish Massage at your home provides the following;
1. Overall relaxation
2. Better blood circulation
3. Stronger immune system
4. Healing from injury and disease
5. Better skin tone
What to expect?
Services offered are clinical.
-Therapist will be courteous and pooite
*A CLIENT has the following options:
1. With clothes, or dress down to undies (only area being treated will be exposed, while the rest is covered in a sheet)
2. Lotion is optional (depending on allergic status)
Privacy is assured. Proof of ID will be provided by provider before entry into your property.
– NO medication or drugs are provided.
– Cannabis oil will not be used or supplied
– We pride ourselves on being a prefered service for many who dont have medical coverage.
-you’re seeking a “happy ending” please find another provider.
Before any treatment is accepted, a phone screening will take place to establish the following:
1. Nature of injury
2. Any addition pathology
3. Understanding of client expectations

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