Amazing Touch Grand Opening

Amazing Touch Grand Opening

2639 W 4th Avenue Vancouver BC
Amazing Touch
Cell: 778 682 4688
Tel: 604 558 2526

Business hours: 10:00 am to 23:00

We provide wonderful relaxation body massage

Regular Price: $40/30 mins $50/45 mins $60/60 mins

Room Charge regular Package: $400/ 10*30 mins $500/10*45 mins
$600/10*60 mins

Room Charge Grand Opening Price: $400/ 15*30 mins $500/15*45 mins $600/15*60 mins

Grand Opening Price: If you come with your friend, you can pay only HALF price for the room charge.

Birthday free Room Charge: If you come with your friend before, after 7 days or on your birthday, the room charge is totally free and only pay tips to the lady who provide massage for you.

Our spa is very clean and comfortable and very near by UBC, provide amazing service for you.

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