Certified Massage Therapist over 40 years world-wide experience

Purple Bamboo Forest
Licensed Massage Clinic
South Shaolin Massage
Alignment and Tendon adjustment Massage
No sharp twisting
Effective 20%-80% in one treatment depending on the type of treatment, your age and injury
Great reputation in Greater Vancouver Area over 12 years
1500 Years Healing History
Exclusive from South Shaolin Temple
by appointment only
*No extra service clinic since 2008
New clients are required to complete a confidential health history form.

778-899-2637 or 604-345-5426

We also provide instant tendon correction due to overworked or twisted tendons that caused neck,
shoulder and back pain, arched back, hip pain, muscle spasms(in a cycle of
treatments), tennis and golfer’s elbow, frozen shoulder and joint
pain, arthritis, muscle cramp in any area (including deformed fingers
and feet), leg pain, sleepless problems, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, whiplash, blood flow issues due to injury and aging, pregnancy issues due to tendon alignment problems and other health issues due to aging and tendon alignments, heat exhaustion removal, mild heat stroke removal and recovery, etc..