Full body healing bio-mat + massage therapy

Exhausted, and not sleeping? Ongoing pain or constant muscle tension?
I can help with a PEMF treatment with or without a massage therapy treatment.

What is PEMF?
Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy is done on a European engineered full body mat.
It puts all our body’s cells back into harmony with the earth’s magnetic field, allowing full, and
optimal capacity for our bodies to heal.
PEMF has been in use for 30+ years, is widely used in clinics, and is Health Canada approved.
Benefits may include:
*Increased micro-circulation
*Reduced pain & inflammation
*Increased physical energy & mental focus
*Greatly improved sleep quality and many, many more!

Swedish massage treatments start at $70 an hour, pressure/strength to your preference.
PEMF treatment is free w/massage.100% NON-SENSUAL/NON-SEXUAL massage sessions.

Residence-based treatment room(s). Covid compliant, close to bus line, parking provided.
Flexible hours Monday thru Fri, evening appointments available by advance calling.
Many years of experience in integrated health centers around B.C.

A unique, invigorating experience not to be missed!

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