Haircuts, massage and body grooming

♡♡I am an experienced massage therapist with an intuitive touch and relaxed touch for the ultimate relaxation massage.

Deep tissue, Swedish, Shiatsu

Mens and Women’s Haircuts♡

I also offer haircuts, body grooming and massage (non sexual)

Licensed Professional Hairstylist.

Full body hair grooming, beard trims, hairy back,shoulders, chest, body hair grooming, arms and legs.

Ultimate Package with Haircut, Body Grooming and Massage.

Professional massage table, Fresh Clean Linens.

100% Unscented Organic Coconut oils

Please feel free to call me for a brief introduction and to get to know more about my services and rates.

Private Condo Close to Yaletown area with Convenient Parking

See you soon,

Kris xo

click to 604-356-8486

⭐$50.00 Deposit required for first time Clients

⭐Credit, Debit and Paypal Accepted

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