Holistic Massage Practitioner In Richmond

I’ve been a bodywork practitioner for about 7 years now. Non-sexual
Please take a look at picture 1 for all the various modalities.
I have my own business studio here in Richmond #5 road and Steveston. With men and woman who step thru my doors everyday. Currently taking new clients.
1 hour $60
1 hour and half $90
2 hours $120
I can help your short or long term chronic body pain.
Back, neck/shoulders, low back, hips, legs… etc.
Also for clients that are mentally going through a lot.
Relaxation styles fusing with reiki is great to relax.
Enhance your vitality and wellbeing – Rid of toxins, increase mobility and increase your energy.
9am-7pm Monday- Fridays.
Please call/text 778-881-7183. Prefer texting as it’s the quickest way to reach me. Please kindly shoot me a text if want to book a session, time and date , and name.
Thank you!

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