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OVER 10 years experienced。Traditional compound meridian massage from Hong Kong
traditional health therapies
Compound meridian therapy can accelerate metabolism and promote blood circulation, effectively improve body edema, remove excess water, and flush out toxins, making the body more relaxed and lighter.
Here are some potential benefits of compound meridian massage:
1. Relax the muscles and bones of the whole body, effectively eliminate fatigue, relieve muscle soreness, and improve sleep quality, edema, and anxiety
2. Opening meridians and detoxifying: It can promote metabolism and discharge toxins from the body through meridians, thereby achieving self-healing function;
2. Promote blood circulation: It can promote blood circulation and increase blood flow and oxygen supply;
3. Enhance immunity: It can stimulate the lymphatic system and promote the body’s natural immune function;
4. Reduce stress and anxiety: It can promote the body’s relaxation response and reduce stress and anxiety;
5. Promote wakefulness and concentration: It can stimulate the body and brain and increase wakefulness and concentration.

PRICES only for appointment:
60min – $70
90min – $100
Free lymphatic massage for new customers

moblie massage 90mins $150 (gas is expensive)

call or text Katy at 778-535-5849 for an appointment (non-sexual massager service ).

Work hours

10.00am—8.30pm(last call)

11.00am—8.00pm(last call)

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