Light Foot RUB

Any body looking for light Foot Rub with coconut oil . I am NOT a professional massage therapist . Just continuing my HOBBY as side work to make some extra money.
Ready to offer relaxing foot rub with coconut oils . 20 min massage for both feet
30 min massage for both feet . A
Just want to see if there is any interest out in the market.
Softer Feet With Strong & Healthy Nails
Healthier Feet
Prevents Bacterial & Fungal Infections
Regular massage with coconut oil can protect your feet from bacterial and fungal infections. Coconut oil’s barrier function helps you avoid ringworm, eczema, nail fungus, and redness.
Works As A Natural Deodorant
The presence of antibacterial components in coconut oil helps to prevent odor-causing bacteria on your feet. It keeps your feet and shoes free from unpleasant odors.
Provides Deeper Sleep
Coconut oil foot massage before bedtime is to improve your sleep quality and increase the time of deep slee

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