Reiki Sessions

Recently certified by my Registered Master from the Canadian Reiki Association, I am expanding my clientele and currently offering one-hour Reiki sessions for $70. These sessions can be conducted either in-person in the comfort of your home, or online.

Reiki is a gentle, completely non-invasive practice that promotes balance and well-being. It involves a light touch of the practitioner’s hands on or slightly above the client’s body. Some immediate effects of Reiki include enhanced heart rate variability, reduced cortisol levels, and a positive impact on body temperature.

With a background of living and traveling extensively worldwide, I’ve had the privilege of learning various healing techniques from diverse cultures. Applying a holistic approach, I provide clients with a comprehensive and personalized experience, addressing their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Through my experiences, I’ve discovered that dedicating time to personal healing can lead to a profound sense of clarity and purpose, enabling individuals to achieve their goals more efficiently. By empowering people to take control of their well-being, we can create a ripple effect contributing to a better world for all.

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