Healing Massage and Harmonic Resonance Bodywork Therapy

Enjoyable Gentle Healing Touch “Harmonic Resonance” massage for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing. Read the many reviews from clients below for the standard Harmonic Resonance Bodywork …

Harmonic Resonance healing therapy. Bodywork and Spiritual Healing for Injury, Illness, Trauma and Sadness … https://harmonicresonance.org

Prices: $65 for one hour initial sample Harmonic Resonance sessions wearing yoga clothes. (Normally $75)

$90 for 75 minute hot oil based Harmonic Resonance therapeutic massage. Sliding prices scaled to income are offered.

Customized versions available which can always include 4 handed sessions.

All sessions take place in the sacred space of my studio near Saxe Point Ocean Conservation Area Park in Esquimalt. Walk in the Woods by the Ocean after your session!

All the reviews shown below are for Harmonic Resonance Bodywork. For more reviews and other therapies see the websites above.

Harmonic Resonance massage is a blissful, pain free experience that boosts healing from injury and trauma and overcomes stress and depression.

Harmonic Resonance Massage is a unique blend of hot oil massage energy work and healing using harmonic rocking movements. It goes deeper than ordinary massage and induces a blissful state for many clients. It is healing for physical injury and emotional trauma, sadness and depression. It induces an altered state of deep relaxation and freedom from stress similar to what meditation and yoga offers.

The optional yoga style clothed version using Harmonic Resonance Bodywork goes as deep as massage while still dressed in flexible clothes. (Bluejeans are not flexible enough).

Harmonic Resonance uses the gentle rocking massage technique invented by Dr. Milton Trager MD. blended with Chakra, Energy work and Sufi Healing methods.

I have been Certified Trager Practitioner for over 30 years. The healing therapy is pleasurable and uplifting in times of stress and sadness. You’ll feel deeply relaxed, have greater capacity for joy, pleasure and mental clarity. It speeds recovery from both emotional and physical injury.

Also offered are lifestyle guidance sessions and herbal therapies for problems associated with aging. I also will work with the family doctor if special care is needed.

Classes are offered, both individual and group. website: http://harmonicresonance.org See Menu on website for classes and therapy. Read reviews from Victoria clients.

email: bodyworksvictoria@gmail.com

Text: 250-882-5896 Please text “Kijiji” at beginning of message.

Prices: $65 for one hour initial sample Harmonic Resonance sessions wearing yoga clothes. (Normally $75)

$90 for 75 minute hot oil based Harmonic Resonance therapeutic massage. Sliding prices scaled to income are offered.

Customized sessions available upon request.

1/ Regular healing therapy website. Bodywork and Spiritual Healing for Injury, Illness, Trauma and Sadness … https://harmonicresonance.org

Here are Reviews for Therapeutic Harmonic Resonance Work:

Victoria woman dance instructor S.W.

“I have had a lot of injuries over the years because of my job as a professional dancer. As I have gotten slightly older I found that what once were little aches turned into constant pain. I didn’t think much about this body work and frankly thought it wouldn’t have any effect on me. After my first session though I felt different. More balanced and would be how I would describe it. The amount of pain was noticeably reduced and I continued to feel much better for a while after. When the pain resurfaced I went back to Ian for another session and after this one again I felt much better and this time the pain stayed away. Ian is great at giving tricks and exercises to do that are very effective at keeping the pain away. It works. There’s really no other way to say it. During the session I felt very calm and respected.

I appreciated how Ian talked through everything and was constantly checking in to see how I was feeling and if I wanted anything differently or felt uncomfortable. Very professional, very spiritual, very effective.” S.W. (Dance Instructor)

***** ***** *****


“I see Ian regularly for Harmonic Resonance Bodywork sessions. They are soothing, relaxing, aligning & Rejuvenating. I like being fully clothed while receiving the treatment & the heated table is nice!

Ian’s work is always respectful, gentle and satisfying. I will always go back!”

***** ***** *****

Victoria Chiropractor:

“After your first Harmonic Resonance session, I experienced some very unexpected and welcome improvements. Your protocol zeroed in on some old injury sites in a hip, lower back and ankle areas. The main thing was a completely balanced sensation with my gait. For example the left hip (hurt in a snowmobiling accident) now had the same freedom as the right. The left foot felt like it was planting normally, meaning that the arch felt ‘relaxed’. There were sensations over a three day post session period that make me think you are affecting something neurological. I also look forward to employing the exercises you showed me. As you know, I have already recommended your gifted care to some friends and neighbours. Thank you Ian.”

-Clay Campbell, B.Sc.,D.C.,

***** ***** *****

Dr. Lycia Trouton of Victoria

“From knowing Ian and his wife, Barbara, as neighbours, for almost a year — I can attest to the fact that Ian’s ethics are in the right place. So, “safety first”!

Ian works out of an Artist Warehouse-type of building. His “spiritual” private massage-table office area is at the back of the warehouse space (and a larger electronic office) via a nice waiting area … complete with a cosy Scandanavian Design lamp. I looked up at his father’s United Church Minister’s portrait above the table … Then, I relaxed and “tuned in” to the changing New Age or World Music.

Ian is a talented healer whose brand of bodywork is helpful. He is a generous soul and I can recommend him for his training and “seeming” energy work. I understand that he writes for certain e-publications about his process. He seeks out new paths for this new era where people like me, in the Expressive Arts, are searching for alternatives to match other modalities and Western Med.”

***** ***** *****

Sarah Norrad of Victoria

“At first I did not know what to expect from this blend of (Trager and Sufi) bodywork, but quickly felt at ease with Ian and his therapy. The music that he allowed me to choose from to start our session was beautiful and the prayer he began our work with moved me. I felt nurtured and respected thoroughout. Harmonic Resonance Bodywork felt like a gentle therapy and Ian an intuitiive and receptive healer.”

***** ***** *****

David Sweet of Utah says:

For a long time I have dealt with problems centered on specific ligaments and tendons that connect my right hip. I move heavy underwater mining components which resulted in a previous injury. Recently, I felt as though I had a pinched nerve there. First of all, Ian shared a thorough explanation of the process of Harmonic Resonance Body Work. He then explained how his Harmonic Body Work session may help my condition. The session went along very comfortable and relaxing. Not once did I feel any discomfort to my hip. After the session I felt an absence of tightness or pinching at the injury site. Later that day I hiked on uneven terrain along the coast for over 4.5 hours. Bending,squatting, and sitting gave no signs of pain. As an unexpected benefit, I had a continuing abundance of physical and mental energies. For the last several days I haven’t noticed any pain in my hip. Guaranteed I will return to Ian’s Business if the need arises. He has certainly developed some very detailed skills and accomplishments in this field. Additionally, his personality pairs nicely with the profession. I am totally convinced that Harmonic Resonance Bodywork is effective,quick acting and legitimate. Many thanks Ian!

***** ***** ***** Jess Kisby of Victoria says:

“I went to ian for a harmonic resonance bodywork treatment for a few sessions and I felt completely relaxed and balanced during and afterwards. I was new to this type of holistic health treatment and was amazed at how calm and rested my body felt afterwards. Definitely a unique style and highly beneficial to my overall well-being. I noticed that i felt energetically and physically aligned between treatments. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking to feel completely at ease and free from pain.”

***** ***** ***** Reviews Above are for “Harmonic Resonance” Bodywork for Injury and Mobility Recovery.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Prices: $65 for initial sample Harmonic Resonance sessions wearing yoga clothes. (Normally $75)

$90 for hot oil based Harmonic Resonance therapeutic massage.

Regular healing therapy website: https://harmonicresonance.org

Sensual Intimacy Education Therapy …
$100 for sample hot oil based Ecstatic Massage.

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