Massage and CranioSacral Therapy

Sound Body Therapies offers holistic massage & movement therapy for the body to correct spatial sensory awareness, and teaches postural alignment through common daily movements, facilitating healing and best overall health at all ages and stages of life.
SBT differs from most Registered Massage Practitioners (RMTs) in its holistic approach with the body’s postural structure during the client’s daily life. New daily habits cause conscious reintegration of the brain (& spinal column) with muscles, to correct posture for life-long, balanced, muscular coordination.
Client’s experiencing physical tension or (minor to extreme) pain in their knees, hips, and/or lower backs can expect noticeable relief in pain as they increase their range of motion and postural balance. Over a 2-month period clients should notice a marked increase in their pain tolerance, range of motion, strength, and physical ease of motion throughout their day, provided they commit to the exercises and postural awareness practices.
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