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Hi there,
My name is Claire. I offer nourishing full body massage, and counselling around a number of topics including relationships, mental health, spiritual wellbeing, aging.

My services benefit folks who simply want to relax, or have experienced trauma, dysphoria, disconnection.

My services include though are not limited to:

-massage (full body, deep tissue, Trauma Release Exercises, myofascial, Taoist)

-holotropic breathwork and other nervous system regulating practices

-counselling for individuals and couples

I hold a BSc in human biology, am a certified life coach, certified masseuse, reiki master and EFT Tapping practitioner and counsellor.
In person and virtual appointments are available. Yes, receipts available, too.

Options for payment include cash, e-transfer or Stripe:

Book here:
60 minute massage ($150):

90 minute massage ($200):

Ask me about my 1:1 programs. If you are in urgent need of counseling, or coaching, related to partnerships, inti.macy, age or health related concerns, my programs are for you. For those inquiries, book a free 20-30 minute breakthrough session with me here:

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