Thai deep tissue Thai oil massage

Authentic Thai Massage by Pat (strictly non-sexual)

Take a break from your daily stress and pain and treat yourself and your body to the experience and benefits of an authentic Thai Massage.

I offer to you:

– Traditional Thai Massage in loose-fitting clothing which is focused on gentle stretching
– Traditional Thai Hot Oil Massage using only refined coconut oil to give you soft skin with no oily residue
– Deep Tissue Massage for chronic pain and reducing scar tissue buildup
– Combination Massage with your choice of styles

I was trained at the world-renowned Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School in Bangkok, Thailand.

Benefits of Thai Massage:

– Greatly reduce your stress levels and residual muscle tension
– Relieve your pain for days
– Elevate your endorphin levels for many hours
– Drain your Lymphatic system to shed your body of toxin build-up
– Improve your flexibility and mobility for better freedom of movement
– Enhance your flow of energy (Chi)

If you have never had an authentic Thai massage, you owe it to yourself to find out why this 2500 year old tradition is practiced worldwide.

Rates are as follows:

– $70 for 60 minutes
– $105 for 90 minutes
– $140 for 120 minutes
-$ 120 for90 minutes hot stone
+G S T
Please call or text (250) 514-2741 to make your next appointment.
I am located centrally near downtown.
Appointments are available 7 days a week from 10 am until 10pm.
I do not accept calls from blocked numbers.

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