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Our masseuse are …Demi Tiara Aimmy Noi Sabina

Welcome to Phichada wellness
All masseuse is very friendly, Sweet
Treat yourself with Excellent Thai Traditional massage, Hot oil massage and also Deep tissue. With “ Demi Aimmy Tiara Noi Sabina “
Treat yourself with a relaxing rejuvenating body massage both Traditional Thai and warm oil massage with native Thai Masseuse
Recharge – Refresh – Relax – Recharge your energy – Walk away with new energy
– [ ] A massage reduces stress and muscle sores, relaxers s and rejuvenates the body and mind and increases flexibility. Customized to relieve specific aches, pains and can be as firm or gentle as required.
– [ ] Come to us for getting rid of exhaustion, stress and body ache through relaxing, revitalizing and therapeutic massage therapies. We offer the best full body massage at the most affordable rates.Massage treatment or symptom massage What is true? Why do some people say that it is this pain? Press the second one and disappear. So let’s understand a little bit.
– [ ] 1. Trigger Point is to press down on the area where there is pain in the muscles, joints or tendons. Only at some point For the body Being repaired by the tram immediately to reduce pain But the pain that this may disappear That is to say, ah can disappear for a period of time or maybe 1-3 days, then the pain can come back again. Or may disappear forever This kind of reflexology, if compared to dispensing medicine, is to pay painkillers to patients. When the drug was discharged The pain returned, as always.
– [ ] 2. Treatment Is a treatment of Thai traditional medicine for massage, relief or symptom relief of muscle, joints, tendons by using the fingers and palms as the main massage, and the massage is quite thorough, not just pressing at the point Massage by this method will help relieve the symptoms of the clients to decrease. Or disappear because of massage techniques Pressing the points down in various areas of the body Is the opening of the point to release the important points of the pressure point To allow the membrane to be held in the position of the side muscle bundle To release the body, which will stimulate blood circulation at the press area to deliver blood and heat to the muscles When the muscles have more blood to feed Will help reduce pain from lack of blood to feed the muscles in that area Which is the cause of various pain symptoms as well as the treatment of chronic myofascial pain Syndrome (MPS)
– [ ] Now, can we see the difference whether pressing the Trigger Point with massage treatment? How are different techniques and methods?
– [ ] **** Note that this article must be written. Do not have any intention to disrespect anyone. But written so that those who are interested in seeing the true meaning and difference Because there are many videos that have been created, it is said that Do not see the need to massage a lot. Just press the second button and the – [ ] I offer to you:
– [ ] – Traditional Thai Massage
– [ ] – Traditional Thai Hot Oil Massage
– [ ] – Deep tissue massage
– [ ] -Foot massage
– [ ] – Couple massage
– [ ] -4hands massage
– [ ] Thai massage promotes positive energy circulation, so you feel balanced and rejuvinated. Thai massage has numerous other benefits too, including reduction of pain and stress.
– [ ] Traditional Thai Massage in loose-fitting clothing which is focused on gentle stretching
– [ ] Traditional Thai Hot Oil Massage using only refined coconut oil to give you soft skin with no oily residue
– [ ] – Deep Tissue Massage for chronic pain and reducing scar tissue buildup
– 4 hands massage is a sensational experience with two therapists working on you at the same time! Just feel like a king or queen.
– couple massage relaxation massage. The perfect combination of relaxation and comfort enjoying a side-by-side romantic hour together.
-foot massage allow you to enjoy quiet time for yourself,
Call or text me for appointment 250-2097515 , 2505146650
Available 9.30am – 10 pm
1950 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8R 1K3
Thank you.
Rate:) 1hr/ 75$
90 min /. 110$
120 min/ 150$

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