247 Massage Private Clean Massage Now Relax Any Hour With Angie

Because you deserve it…
We consider massage therapy to be essential to everyone’s physical and mental well-being, especially during this trying period.

Stretch and close your eyes. Confident, gentle, and professional, your massage therapist works to untangle knots and relax your muscles one by one, until your body is in a state of total wellness.

The massage experience is one of relaxation and we want you to enjoy it to its fullest. Read the information below to get the most out of your visit.
Choose from 30 to 60 minute sessions
30 minutes $30
60 Minutes $60
draping at your comfort level
let me know before you come what scent if any you would like the massage room to have for you to relax in as well as if you would like to relax on a heated or non heated massage table
this is all up to you i want to make you relax and feel amazing!
rmt can issue you receipt if requested
come in to relax in a exceptionally clean private home today
call or text ANGIE
204 819 1453

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