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Warm up this winter season with a Therapeutic Relaxing Registered Massage as it’s time to wear your snow jacket.

Snow, ice and a morning frost is seen way before the official first day of winter starting on December 21st. If you are taking out your winter boots and scarf it’s definitely a sign that winter is here!

This is the time to stay warm with a cup of hot chocolate, sitting cozy next to a crackling fire. Bundle up with your warm coat and a hot herbal tea.

The winter season brings the cold to your muscles and joints. Your muscles take on the frigid air and need help to stay warm. And your muscle tissues become rigid.

Boost your immune system as we’re headed into the winter cold and flu season with more healthy foods and improve circulation with massage to carry your body’s blood, oxygen and nutrients throughout your specific areas of the body system.

Try taking a hot bath but you still can’t keep warm. You can see your breath in the air and your muscles feel stiff and tight. Your feet, hands and skin quickly get colder.

Even your vehicle has trouble starting up in the winter – freezing up – just like your body can be impacted by poor circulation; feeling tired and lacking of energy from the cold breeze coming in.

Massage Therapy can improve your blood circulation to help deal with bone chilling temperatures.

Cold weather can affect blood flow and can be tough on the body.

Don’t neglect your body in the winter and get through the cold extremities easier this winter season with massage.

Prepare to prime your body for the winter and don’t ignore poor circulation and its importance to combating the cold weather.

Massage can relieve muscle stiffness and help improve blood flow as your body tries to stay warm in the winter.

Massage rates start T $50
Open Monday to Sunday
11 am – 11 pm
sara RMT
insurance receipts are available upon request when booking
call or text
204 – 880 2654

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