Private full body Massage Starts @$15 Open 24 Hour

Escape your everyday routine with a relaxing and stress free Spa with Donna.
Those kinks aren’t just going to go away on their own.
Your well being is the highest priority.
After every session linens are removed and replaced in the treatment room.
Everything in the room is wiped down with a disposable disinfectant and sanitizing cloth.
Rest assured that objects that are frequently handled such as light switches, door knobs,
massage table, desk are all wipe down often.
My massage mission is to help release tension and stress in the body.
There is nothing more important to me than my customer’s privacy and discretion.
Hello I am Donna a female R M T with 15 years experience
: Swedish Massage
: Deep Tissue
: Hot Stones
: Sports
: Trigger Point Therapy
Its always a gamble when going to a Spa not knowing who or how skilled of a therapist you will see.
It could be the best massage you ever had.
It could be mediocre – neither terrible, nor beneficial.
It can be down right disappointing, deliver no results, or even make your pain worse.
When you are in real need… when you are in pain, who wants to gamble?
You are on “Mission Feel Better.”
A Private home Massage is so much better than going to a Spa where they are not very clean,
are over crowded and not very attentive to your needs or what you want.
The level of care tends to be of a much higher quality and more customized in a private home.
Also in a Spa massage Massage therapists do 5 to 7 massages a day everyday
Talk about stress. This decreases the quality of your massage.
On top of that in a Spa you will feel rushed receiving a 45 minute massage when yoou actually booked a one hour session. Come experience relaxation and a very pampering non rushed massage.
Open Monday – Sunday
I am very flexible in my hours as I do realize that people work night shift, maybe cannot sleep from stress or pain in the body. Whatever your reason is for wanting a massage Donna is here for you.
R M T can give insurance receipt if needed.
Head & Neck 10 Minutes $10
Neck & Shoulders 15 Minutes $15
Back 15 Minutes $15
Legs 15 Minutes $15
Head, Neck & Shoulders 20 Minutes $20
Shoulders & Arms 20 Minutes $20
Neck, Shoulders & Arms 25 Minutes $25
Neck, Shoulders & Back 25 Minutes $25
Head, Neck, Shoulders & Back 30 Minutes $30
Reflexology 30 Minutes $30
Full Body ( Feet Excluded ) 30 Minutes $50
Full Body ( Feet Excluded ) 60 Minutes $80
Call or text Donna
204 – 880 – 2654