Relax Enjoy Massage With Darlene Open Sunday till 2 am $49

Choice is a great thing. Most spas offer you a choice of two or three types of massages. Then there’s
Darlene’s Massage.
You can have your pick of a full range of spa treatments, from hot stone massages, Deep Tissue,
Swedish Massage, Pre Natal, Couples Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and more.
You’re guaranteed to end your visit feeling relaxed and refreshed.
the perfect place to unwind and destress.
In a dream-like state, relax and continue to melt away stress by the fireplace, heated massage table,
while listening to some soothing peaceful music.
Private Home
Very quiet
Very Clean
Female RMT with over 15 years experience
1 hour just $50
Open Monday – Sunday
Open Daily until 4:00 am
Call or text Darlene
204 – 813 – 7536

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